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Located in the geological province of the Appalachians, the UNESCO Global Geopark of Percé is located in Percé, a coastal village in the extreme east of the Gaspésie region, in the province of Quebec, in Canada. The boundaries of the UNESCO Global Geopark of Percé correspond to the borders of the municipality of Percé. In 2016, this village had 3289 inhabitants with a density of 5.92 inhabitants/km 2.

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The Géoparc de Percé is the first global geopark in French-speaking America. Visitors can enjoy a variety of landscapes and cultures. Located in the extreme east of Quebec, this territory allows to discover large spaces, shared between marine and terrestrial environments, as well as striking landscapes which made the international reputation of the village of Percé.

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The Percé Rock is the starting point of a long journey to learn more about the significant concentration of distinct geological formations that comprises 500 million years of Earth's history. The rock formations, little transformed, have attracted the interest of several renowned researchers, such as Sir William Logan, founder of the Geological Survey of Canada. It is also in Percé that the first international congress of the GSC was held.


Geology has marked the culture of this territory witnessing many waves of migration since the presence of the Mi’kmaq people for more than 9000 years. Each of these cultures has left its mark, particularly in the built heritage and place names. The immersive Tektonik multimedia exhibition, winner of the prestigious Numix Award and of a Société des musées du Québec Award, presents a fun introduction to the geology of Percé. Hiking trails, accompanied by qualified guides, helps to understand the formation of this fabulous landscape.

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